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Gospel of Luke | Kiyun Lee


Sunday at 5:00 PM


721 3rd Street N
Mpls, MN




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Kiyun Lee

The vision of this small group is to foster an in-depth study of the Gospel of Luke utilizing higher and lower criticisms. The heart of the group is to equip its members in biblical hermeneutics so that they can read the Scripture in proper context. The small group will touch on the synoptic tradition, the historical backdrop of the land of Israel in the first century, and the cultural and spiritual worldview of Second Temple Judaism. The group will read through the chapters of the gospel, selecting the most important section of each chapter. The group will also read the gospel text synoptically, involving similar pericopes from Matthew and Mark to enhance our understanding of the synoptic tradition. At the very heart of it, my hope is that we all become better students of the word and of Christ through this group.