Core Group

Empower | Minnetrista Winter 2024


Monday at 6:30 PM




In Person

Childcare Available:



John Will

There is nothing more exciting than living a Spirit-filled empowered life! This Bible study will instruct, encourage, experience, and inspire you to walk in all that Jesus has made available to you through the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts that He imparts. These gifts are vital and need to be used to be effective witnesses for Him. In this study, you will learn about the unseen world, which is called the Spirit realm. Even though we don't see it with our physical eyes, we interact with it daily. You will also learn in detail about each of the nine gifts of the Spirit and how they are used throughout the Old and New Testament by ordinary people. Finally, you will have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Lord through the lessons on prayer and intercession. Are you ready to get started? There will be homework. This will be an interactive group, so please plan to be prepared to share weekly what you are learning from the Holy Spirit. This group is nine consecutive Monday nights. It begins on Monday, February 5, and ends on Monday, April 1. Childcare is available on a limited basis. A separate registration is required. NOTE: If you have not been through the River Valley 'Alpha' core group yet, we would strongly encourage you to join that small group before attending Empower. It will be helpful to you to receive what God has in store for you.