Core Group

Alpha | Woodbury Fall 2023


Monday at 6:30 PM




In Person

Childcare Available:



Matt Nylin

Alpha is a Core Group that unpacks what River Valley believes. It answers questions like: Who is Jesus?, How do I read the Bible?, and Does God heal today? The format is simple: We share a meal around a table, listen to a talk on the week’s topic, and then have discussion together to learn more. Arrive at 6:15pm. If you have children, childcare is provided; you can check them in and drop them off at 6pm. Dinner is provided, but if you have food allergies, plan ahead and eat your own food. Alpha will begin at 6:30pm and go until 8:00pm. This group starts on Monday, September 25th, in the Main Auditorium. Our group will meet for 9 weeks, ending on Monday, November 20th. Also, mark your calendar for the Holy Spirit Retreat on Saturday, November 4th.