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Welcome Center Team | Woodbury


As a volunteer we ask that you commit to a regular serving schedule of at least one service once a month. You can select your preferred serving frequency and service times from your MyRock.RiverValley.org dashboard under "Schedule Toolbox". You can also access schedule signups and add black-out dates from this toolbox.


Welcome Center Serve Team members are available and assertive to offer a friendly greeting, give out or sell resources and materials, and guide both new and regular attendees to our church as they seek information and further connections with Small Groups, Serve Teams, and other ministries. Welcome Center hosts are particularly aware and watchful for people who seem disoriented or uncertain, and actively offer direction and assistance to help guests find their way around the building and ministry areas.


Welcome Center Serve Team members are friendly, assertive, and able to place themselves in the perspective of a first-time attendee or a disconnected attendee who is in need of community and connections. Preparation for serving includes remaining updated with current events on the church calendar, looking over the church website or inquiring of staff members to become familiar with the range of ministries and opportunities, and paying attention to email, social media, and live weekend announcements. A Welcome Center Serve Team member should be able to answer general questions about events, ministries, and logistics, or be resourceful and prepared to direct attendees to the appropriate leader or staff member who will be able to give them further guidance. Training is provided.


As a substitute, you will be contacted to fill in whenever a person on a team cannot fulfill their obligations. Substitutes will also be asked to serve on those months that have 5 weekends in them - typically 4 times per year.