Asia January 2024

Global Team

Jan 12 - 20, 2024

Cost: $3985

The endeavor of every Global Team is to be a support and encouragement to the partner on the ground. This Global Team will have the opportunity to be a part of BAM (business as missions) with some of our River Valley 500. Prayer walking and relational evangelism will also be incorporated into the schedule.

Team Leaders: Pastor Justin & Tara Mack

Passports must not expire within 7 months of return date and must include 3 blank visa pages, not amendment pages. Please send a colored copy of your passport to If you do not have a passport, please send confirmation of an ordered passport or confirmation that you have a passport appointment. This will be due within one week of your application being approved.

Registration is currently open and closes Monday, August 7; Registration for the team is on a first come, first served basis; To reserve your spot, please submit the online application and deposit.


Deposit: $200, due no later than August 21, with online application

Total Amount Due: $1,500, due by Monday, September 18

Total Amount Due: $2,800, due by Monday, October 23

Total Amount Due: $3,985, due by Monday, December 11

INCLUDED IN COST: Airfare, food, lodging (hotel), transportation, Global Team swag gear, international insurance and a donation to the Missionary Host.

NOT INCLUDED IN COST: Visa. Health expenses. Global Team staff will update you regarding health details as they become available, More details to follow.


Must be at least 18 years old

Consult your personal physician for recommendations.

Visit a travel clinic or check out

Global Teams are designed to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of a specific community. We believe that command of Christ to go into all the world has not changed but we are certainly aware and respect the many challenges that exist locally and globally. We will absolutely do our best to take all the necessary precautions and work with our missionary hosts to adjust to the local guidelines but where there are needs and requests from our missionary partners and hosts, we want to provide an opportunity for those who are willing and able to go and help meet the needs.

Email the Global Team Manager: Rachel Schumacher (

We'd love to have you on this team!