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Randy Lindsey


Randy and Linda are missionaries to Mexico where they have a ministry for deaf children.

Richard Baker

United States

Richard and Kim work with Youth Alive, which strives to equip Christian students to reach their peers with the Gospel. This is provided in schools through training, resources and outreach opportunities.

Richard Boettiger


The population of Germany is currently 84 Million plus and has grown significantly through the influx of refugees from the Middle-East, Africa and most recently from Ukraine. We live in a small town surrounded by over 300.000 residents, yet there...

Rick Mattson

United States

Rick has 2 main jobs. For his first job, he travels to campuses across the U.S.A. for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, doing training and evangelism with an apologetics emphasis. From 2010-2012, he worked at 40 different campuses. His second job involves...

Rob Mckay


Rob is currently the leader for the Assemblies of God World Missions team in the country of Georgia, as well as Armenia. The team works mainly with the national Pentecostal church in Georgia and their goal is to reach the...

Robert Godwin


The Godwin family has been serving with AGWM missions since october 1994. They served in Mongolia (Asia Pacific) for over 18 years - pastoring, coaching and mentoring leaders, working with women in prostitution and coming out of prostitution, women's prisons,...

Robyn Thompson


85-95 percent of Thai people are Buddhist while maybe 5-10 percent are practicing Islam. Thai Christ followers make up only 1%. Missionaries in the area have started a prayer movement called Change The Map in hopes of gaining a more...

Roger Audorff


Roger and Debbi Audorff want to help Mexico become a sending nation for missions, and they believe that with proper training, this will be able to happen. While the immediate spiritual battle is with the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses—Roger and...

Ryan Crozier


Ryan and Andrea Crozier minister in Bucharest, Romania where they work to prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Ryan Kockelman

United States

Students of all nations, backgrounds, religions, and more. People from all over the nation and all over the world come to NDSU. They have a high population of nonbelievers, Muslims, and more.

Ryan Plute

United States

Global Initiative has done trainings in over 91 countries. We work with National Church Leaders, Bible schools, and local pastors. We teach undergrad and graduate level classes as well as do many Lay minister and church seminars and conferences. Recently...

Ryan Thomas


We will be in Valencia, Spain, the third largest city in Spain. Less than 1% of the population are born again believers, but I believe the time is now for Spain and there is a great harvest ready to be...

Sam Shold

We will be joining the Children At Risk team, which exists to care for, minister to, and share the Gospel with children who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected, abused, homeless, come from broken homes, or simply live an unsafe community...

Sam Sr Dunya


Currently our goal is to bring the church to all 18 Unreached People Groups in Ghana to see large percentage of over 1.7 million people reached with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Samuel Dunya


Discipleship, Church planting, relationship building, evangelism, living among the UPG, partnering with local churches and missionaries, teaching and preaching. There are about 18 unreached people groups of 111 with a population of 1,658,000 and the total population is about 31,639,000....

Sarabeth Waller


My primary title is church plant team member. I just do whatever we need done! But I also started a young adult ministry and managed social media and marketing. In my next term, I will also assist with leadership development.

Sierra Hawthorne


Guinea is approx. 14 million in population 47 people groups and 29 are unreached 86.9% of the population is unreached Largest religion is Islam, there is some mixture of animism 0.68% evangelical Currently, God has opened the door for Guineans...

Steve Kramer

1 in 6 people in the world are considered disabled. This is over a billion people worldwide. One of the biggest unreached people groups

Steve Pennington

Steve and Trina are missionaries with Assembly of God World Missions in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. They are serving as Team Leader Overseers of Live Dead East Africa. They have responsibility for teams in 6 countries. Their primary focus is church...

Tod Chapin

United Kingdom

Tod and Andrea Chapin are pioneering a ministry in the capital city of Edinburgh in Scotland. They minsiter to university students and young families seeing lives transformed by the power of Jesus and giving the spiritually hungry an encounter with...

Todd Anderson


Their passion and heart is to reach the unreached peoples of their region, planting multiplying churches among them, and to show God’s love to the poor and needy in their city. Its their dream that as people in these communities...

Troy Darrin


Troy and Heidi Jo Darrin seek to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Moldova. They team up with national pastors in church planting and construction efforts, partner with Convoy of Hope in community outreaches and...

Tyler Wiese


River Valley 500. Evangelism, college evangelism (CRU), friendship evangelism, and discipleship in Ljubljana.