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Dareth & Thida Ly


Dareth and Thida are working to plant churches among the unreached Khmer people of Cambodia. They are using multiple approaches to accomplish this goal, including a compassion ministry that focuses on children through school and feeding programs.

David Julian

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land of almost 9 million people who speak over 800 different languages. For those almost 9 million people, there are only approximately 500 doctors in the country. Every year 1 in 20 children under the...

Dennis Otto

United States

Mentoring men that are coming out of addiction (some are still fighting it); men coming out of incarceration; All In Ministries is open to all men

Don Triplett

El Salvador

El Salvador is in the aftermath of a 12 year civil war so Gang Violence, Drug Cartel, Immigration and Poverty have pillaged the Salvadoran Family. We are working to Transform El Salvador one family at at time.

Douglas Lowenberg


We stay up to date with information from the Joshua Project and from Evangelical/Pentecostal groups based in Ethiopia by which we can see the numbers of languages, ethnic peoples, churches that have been planted by the major Pentecostal groups in...

Dustin Kasel


While the people of Estonia have made advances in technology and are reaping the rewards of those efforts, they are spiritually dead. In fact, Estonians considered themselves one of the least religious countries in the world. Among those that do...

Garrick Duckett


River Valley 500. During the last two years, we have been serving overseas in Indonesia and the diverse communities of the Twin Cities. This includes Indonesian and Somali Muslims, and Japanese international students. We have now joined a team of...

Gerritt Kenyon


The Kenyons are missionaries to the Youth Culture of Panama and present the gospel to students in the high schools of Panama City. They are launching a Youth Church that will establish a model to other churches in Panama of...

Gethin Amoss

United Kingdom

Health and wellness including disability support and programming. Coaches on the ground for Liberty Church Manzini and the Liberty Community Centre in Swaziland

Gloria Biffert

Central African Republic

Gloria plans to return to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where she will continue teaching in the extension Bible schools, seminaries, and at WAAST in Lomé, Togo. Training of professors in our various Bible schools through APTEA (Association of...

Greg Owens

South Africa

Cape Town, with a population is 4.5 million people, is known across the continent as the Mother City and is one of the most influential cities on the continent of Africa. With the average age being 29 years old, there...

Greg Reph


Burundi is one of the youngest countries in the world. In a country of about 15.5 million people, almost half of them are under the age of 14. Its also the poorest country in the world by GDP per capita....

Harry Osland


The Oslands work in Portugal and Angola in training leadership, Bible education both on campus in Portugal and via extension and focused learning in Angola.

Herb Johnson


Herb and Karen work in Manila, Philippines, in addition to the general Asia Pacific. Their main role is teaching EPHOD seminars.

Ian Hall

United States

Ian and Sheila equip Romanian churches in Europe. They teach evangelism, and minister to the needs of Romanian nationals on many levels of care and outreach.

Jamie Kemp


Jamie and Tasha Kemp are passionately engaged with Unreached People Groups (UPGs), working to establish a Christian presence in the unreached areas of Indonesia. The Kemps’ main focus is campus ministry- reaching Muslim University students. Jamie also trains churches on...

Jean Johnson

Jean coaches worldwide church leaders in Asia, Africa and the U.S.A. on how to conceptualize, plant, cultivate and multiply churches and ministries that are indigenous in nature. She makes sure to do this in ways that are culturally relevant, self-functioning,...

Jim Tilus

United States

Jim Tilus’ mission work is with Japanese students on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

Joanne Oftedahl


Joanne Oftedahl teaches and serves as Student Missions Advisor at Immanuel Bible College, Cebu Philippines. She preaches, teaches, and helps provide resources for evangelism and discipleship in local churches of Cebu and neighboring Islands.

Joe Butler

United States

According to the CDC, there are over ONE BILLION people in the world who live with some form of disability*1, including... - 61 million adults, one out of six children, in the United States. *2 - Within the disability population,...

Joe Martin


The territory of The Gambia was annexed from the French and became a British colony in the 1700's. It served as the main hub for the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It became an independent nation in 1965, becoming the smallest country...

John Carrano


The Carranos’ ministry is to young adults/students in Spain, as well as church planting & leadership development.

John Kerr


John and Ruth Kerr focus on leadership training for approximately 120 students. These students attend classes on the Kerrs’ 160-acre campus. However, the community surrounding the campus is home to roughly 500,000 people who live in very poor shanty-town neighborhoods....

John Konkel

United States

John focuses on apostolic work on the University of Minnesota campus (most recently with fraternities) and is an associate pastor at Sojourn Campus Church in Minneapolis. Jolene is currently seeking strategic direction on how to reach the U of M...

Jon & Jennifer Dahlager

Costa Rica

Jon and Jennifer Dahlager serve as missionaries in Costa Rica, Central America. They have served in the country since March 2000.

Jon Kuert

United States

Over 3000 Chinese international students come to our city each year to study at the University of Minnesota. These students are leaders and influencers and 80% of them will eventually return to China and take their international experience back to...

Joseph Hein


Malaga is a city of over 650,000 people. It is a fast-growing, international hot spot in Europe. Located in the southern region of Andalusia, this city is known for its rich foods, deep traditions, and complex history. From 2016 until...

Josh Sears


Amazon River Basin has 306 tribal groups, the majority of which are unengaged/unreached. 900,000 people populate those tribes