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Angelica Sollie de Pagan


River Valley 500. Staffing and leading (directing) DTS: This includes being a mentor and walking alongside students in this 3 month lecture phase and leading the 2 month international outreach. -Worship and music ministry: We get to lead worship at...

Chad Phillips

United States

Chad and Dargain work in North America and minister all over the globe. Their focus is on the missionary families. Chad directs every aspect of the Missionary Kid ministry, from pre-field to re-entry. As a former missionary to Europe, he...

Chris Manthey

United States

Chris and Julie are campus missionaries with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at the University of Minnesota.

Christopher Cortte

United States

Chris and Brook are the Directors for the Chi Alpha ministry on the campus of St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Dennis Otto

United States

Mentoring men that are coming out of addiction (some are still fighting it); men coming out of incarceration; All In Ministries is open to all men

Ian Hall

United States

Ian and Sheila equip Romanian churches in Europe. They teach evangelism, and minister to the needs of Romanian nationals on many levels of care and outreach.

Jim Tilus

United States

Jim Tilus’ mission work is with Japanese students on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

John Konkel

United States

John focuses on apostolic work on the University of Minnesota campus (most recently with fraternities) and is an associate pastor at Sojourn Campus Church in Minneapolis. Jolene is currently seeking strategic direction on how to reach the U of M...

Matthew Collver

United States

Matthew and Elora work in Summit County, Colorado, which is located near Denver. It is a community ignorant to Christianity, with a focus on 'new age' and eastern religions.

Richard Baker

United States

Richard and Kim work with Youth Alive, which strives to equip Christian students to reach their peers with the Gospel. This is provided in schools through training, resources and outreach opportunities.

Rick Mattson

United States

Rick has 2 main jobs. For his first job, he travels to campuses across the U.S.A. for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, doing training and evangelism with an apologetics emphasis. From 2010-2012, he worked at 40 different campuses. His second job involves...

Ryan Kockelman

United States

Students of all nations, backgrounds, religions, and more. People from all over the nation and all over the world come to NDSU. They have a high population of nonbelievers, Muslims, and more.