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Douglas Lowenberg


We stay up to date with information from the Joshua Project and from Evangelical/Pentecostal groups based in Ethiopia by which we can see the numbers of languages, ethnic peoples, churches that have been planted by the major Pentecostal groups in...

John Kerr


John and Ruth Kerr focus on leadership training for approximately 120 students. These students attend classes on the Kerrs’ 160-acre campus. However, the community surrounding the campus is home to roughly 500,000 people who live in very poor shanty-town neighborhoods....

Kevin Smith


Kevin and Miriam minister to the unreached tribes of Kenya. Kevin acts as chair of the Assemblies of God commission, which oversees many missionaries and the efforts to plant churches among many of Kenya’s resistant and predominately Muslim tribes. Miriam...

Lila Farmer


Lila Farmer’s mission field is located in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan). The ministry is to provide leadership seminars to indigenous churches and humanitarian aid to rural communities. The organizations she serves are platforms to share the lifesaving...

Mark Jones


Mark and Anjali are located in Swaziland, a small, landlocked country within South Africa and bordered by Mozambique.

Nate Lashway


The Lashway's serve as the Team Leader Overseer for the Swahili Zone of East Africa, primarily engaging with our AGWM missionaries and national church leaders in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda. Currently, 18 countries in Africa do not have any...

Nick Stuva


Nick and Kimbra Stuva serve as workers in Africa.

Sam Shold

We will be joining the Children At Risk team, which exists to care for, minister to, and share the Gospel with children who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected, abused, homeless, come from broken homes, or simply live an unsafe community...

Steve Pennington

Steve and Trina are missionaries with Assembly of God World Missions in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. They are serving as Team Leader Overseers of Live Dead East Africa. They have responsibility for teams in 6 countries. Their primary focus is church...