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Aaron Smith


River Valley 500. Our focus is equipping local Christian leaders (for Venture and with our local church) in hard to reach (tough) places in SE Asia with resources to help them share the Gospel, plant churches, and build the Kingdom...

Alex Hultquist


River Valley 500. Lithuania has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and the people are very downcast and depressed. Of the 2.7 million people who call Lithuania home less than 1% are Evangelical Christian. Alcoholism is high,...

Amada (Stapp) Kusel

River Valley 500. Amada is full time staff in the health care ministry at Youth With A Mission in Perth, Australia. She leads the Birth Attendant School, an 11 month training program that trains missionaries to be birth attendants in...

Amber Gallaway


River Valley 500. My mission field in Thailand is less than 1% Christian, mostly Buddhist and animistic, and highly unreached. The country is overrun with human trafficking and prostitution.

Angelica Sollie de Pagan


River Valley 500. Staffing and leading (directing) DTS: This includes being a mentor and walking alongside students in this 3 month lecture phase and leading the 2 month international outreach. -Worship and music ministry: We get to lead worship at...

Audrey Wells


Our primary focus is both with the international community and the Spanish native. The International Church of Barcelona (icbspain.com) is a church home to over 70 nationalities, which reflects the diversity of Barcelona! We minister in both English (for the...

Barrett Todd

Dominican Republic

River Valley 500. Barrett and Carrie Todd founded Sport Disciple Haiti, a mission that meets the needs of the whole person. This includes feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and providing potable water to the thirsty. The ultimate objective is...

Benjamin Struss


We are planting a church in West Java. West Java is home to the Sundanese people group, the largest Muslim UPG in the world. We are focused on reaching the Sundanese specifically, but Indonesian muslims generally. We will do this...

Brad Novosad

United States

One in five Gen Z adults now identify as LGBTQ+ while that number for other generations of adults (Boomers, Gen X, even Millennials) has remained the same - showing the impact that the woke media is having on our younger...

Brandon Powell


98% unreached - There are more '7-11 convenient stores' than churches. Most people have never been in a church building, or spoken with another Christian . . .BUT the past 3 years have seen unprecedented growth, with thousands of people...

Brian Klancke


River Valley 500. We serve under Dareth & Thida Ly in Siem Reap, Cambodia for 2 years. They have been in Cambodia since the mid-90s working with children and young adults. They help run 3 schools and provide a place...

Carla Marroquin

Preventing commercial sexual exploitation in countries of origin

Chad Phillips

United States

Chad and Dargain work in North America and minister all over the globe. Their focus is on the missionary families. Chad directs every aspect of the Missionary Kid ministry, from pre-field to re-entry. As a former missionary to Europe, he...

Chris Carter


Chris and Lindsey Carter are missionaries in Japan. They are transitioning from the Philippines where they ministered for three years. Chris will be teaching at Central Bible College in Tokyo starting a Master of Divinity Program. Lindsey's involvment will be...

Chris Kelly

United States

After working with college students and young adults for over 10 years, it has become apparent to us that the college campus is the most strategic mission field. The next world leaders and influencers are attending our universities and it...

Chris Manthey

United States

Chris and Julie are campus missionaries with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at the University of Minnesota.

Christopher Cortte

United States

Chris and Brook are the Directors for the Chi Alpha ministry on the campus of St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Clark Barnard


Clark and Beth Barnard work in Iquitos, Peru directing a base with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). They also oversee Youth with a Mission Peru on a national level.

Colin Lindstedt


River Valley 500. We are currently in a transition phase to move from Brazil to England and live there with YWAM full time. During this period we are working with YWAM to do an online English and culture class. Leticia...

Cy Farmer

Worldwide ministry with contact done digitally

Dan Blair


Slovenia is a country of 2 million people with a proud heritage and rich traditions, however it is a country that struggles deeply with alcoholism and depression. It has deep roots in Roman Catholicism, however the majority of the population...

Dana Metcalf


Lead Pastor of International Christian Assembly, a church of over 40 nationalities located in Bangkok, Thailand. Launch Chi Alpha at one of the largest Universities in the world in Bangkok. Continue to lead "Sealed" a ministry touching those enslaved in...

Daniel Delaforest

United States

We serve around 15,000 students, the vast majority do not affiliate with Christianity. Students on campus are facing a mental health crisis, data from our campus shows that students diagnosed with Anxiety/Depression has nearly doubled since 2018, affecting nearly 50%....

Dareth & Thida Ly


Dareth and Thida are working to plant churches among the unreached Khmer people of Cambodia. They are using multiple approaches to accomplish this goal, including a compassion ministry that focuses on children through school and feeding programs.

David Julian

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land of almost 9 million people who speak over 800 different languages. For those almost 9 million people, there are only approximately 500 doctors in the country. Every year 1 in 20 children under the...

Dennis Otto

United States

Mentoring men that are coming out of addiction (some are still fighting it); men coming out of incarceration; All In Ministries is open to all men

Don Triplett

El Salvador

El Salvador is in the aftermath of a 12 year civil war so Gang Violence, Drug Cartel, Immigration and Poverty have pillaged the Salvadoran Family. We are working to Transform El Salvador one family at at time.

Douglas Lowenberg


We stay up to date with information from the Joshua Project and from Evangelical/Pentecostal groups based in Ethiopia by which we can see the numbers of languages, ethnic peoples, churches that have been planted by the major Pentecostal groups in...

Dustin Kasel


While the people of Estonia have made advances in technology and are reaping the rewards of those efforts, they are spiritually dead. In fact, Estonians considered themselves one of the least religious countries in the world. Among those that do...